Happiness but not happiness- Gerald Joseph 

We like to think life should be all sunshine and rainbows, we are swift to blame the devil the minute something goes wrong.

The idea that happiness should be constant has eaten deep into our mindset like a canker worm, a contagious epidemic.

I sit sometimes and wonder, are we going to teach our children to be happy? Or are we going to teach them to be strong, are we going to teach them to always plan for the best and not teach them the corresponding “expect the worst lesson” in return?

Don’t get the wrong idea, being happy is a beautiful thing, but we should not fear sadness in the process.

Are you pursuing just happiness or are you pursuing a fulfilled life?

If happiness is all you seek then you do not want to experience life, and if you do not want to experience life then you do not want to learn.

“In pursuit of happiness”

Yhh scratch that

“In pursuit of life” 👊🏼

The wisest man I have ever known once told me that the day I fully believe that I will not experience things that will try to break my spirit is the day I break my spirit.

Strive to be whole, strive to be complete, strive to experience life in it’s entirety, by this I mean every emotion, disappointment, sadness, pain, fear, failure, frustration and not just happiness alone.

Tell yourself that if I have Italian today, a certain chain of events may cause me to break bread tomorrow, and that my friend, is okay.

A lot of us do things based on the “is it contributing to my happiness” hypothesis, replace that with “is it contributing to my growth as an individual”

So wether the sun is shining or it’s raining like never before, come hail or high water, you know you’re learning, you’re growing

You’re not just happy.

By Gerald Joseph

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