SPRING STAPLES: 8 items you must own this spring

Spring is just beautiful mainly because we all know that means summer is closer than ever. Time to actually have fun without school projects cramping our style. Basically, these items are spring staples mainly because of the colors introduced and the bipolar spring weather in Hungary currently and other countries as well.


 Coming from winter and our dark outfits, bright colors and stripes will be so refreshing to include in your wardrobe. Pair these with some jeans and ankle boots and you’re good to go.


 Well, this goes without saying. Spring is still chill, just not as cold as winter so ankles boots or cut out boots will keep the cold at bay.


 The sun is here to stay brah. So get some of these or some fashionable sunglasses and you’re sorted. Not to talk about the element of coolness it adds to your outfit.


 Well, if you’re a fan then that’s cool. Play with colors because it’s spring and its bright and dandy.


 Personally I have trust issues when it come to the weather of Debrecen. I wear a coat out and the weather decides to burn my soul. I wear a crop top and it rains. So guess what, a slip dress plays right into its bipolar tendencies. Thrown on a parka or denim jacket or even a leather jacket with some ankle boots and maybe a light scarf and girl, like I always say, you’re sorted.


 Well, no brainer. We need a scarf for this weather. If it’s cold you throw it on, if it’s hot, well… Just make sure it’s handy at all times.


 Just for fun. Just because every living thing with two legs should own one. COME ON, it’s white!!


 It’s so easy to run errands with a backpack. Especially when the weather isn’t so trustworthy, you don’t want that extra stress on your being.

These are my personal staples for now. Let us know the items you cannot stay without this spring in the comments.

Between, do you need pictures? Let me know so I’ll check some out and send it to you.

Emediong Etetim

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