Generational lines

Speak 👑

We’re the spoiled ones, who prefer to check our Social Media statistics rather than interact with the world around us, we’re the generation too young to have fought in a major war, and we’re guilty of beginning to forget the lessons learned by those who lived through one. We don’t know enough about life, yet we feel like we do, with the ever growing opinionated twitter population.

We aren’t eager to volunteer and change the world, we haven’t recognised the value in our education like most of our parents, and we refuse to cherish the idea that learning for learning’s sake is a Good thing, instead we’re confidently narcissistic, over-sharing our every moment, pouring out every unedited thought to the world, desperate for the approval and endorsement of our peers throughout the internet.

We’re upbeat, preferring to believe that everything will turn out okay, in the face of…

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