So you want something. It’s important and vital for your life’s progress and so it holds great value. What’s that one thing you need to achieve; the attainment of this thing you so dearly wish to possess?


Being a medical student, determination is something I have to have in abundance – right from the level of getting admission into medical school, nothing came easily. When I first started my application, I was doing my A-Levels and a requirement for applying for medical school in the UK was a minimum of six months work experience in a health service environment. The struggle to get a placement alone was highly discouraging but I managed to push past the several disappointments and finally got a placement at a general practitioner’s clinic – only to be stuck with filing patient files for six months, yes, for the entire duration of my HEALTH SERVICE work experience I spent it rearranging the clinic’s filing system, but I knew it was a requirement for my goal and so I continued going to work punctually and filing like my life depended on it.

Yet, after all that, I didn’t get into medical school in the UK.

But that didn’t kill my spirit. Instead, I started a course in biomedical sciences with the aim of getting a First class result in my first year and applying for a transfer to medical school. I decided to apply outside the UK and to God be the glory I got not one, nor two but FOUR medical school admission offers in different schools across Europe and Nigeria.

It took me an extra year but by the grace of God I’m now in my 4th out of 6 years in medical school. I can’t tell you of all the many struggles I’ve fought on the course to where I am now but I can tell you that determination brought me a whole long way – and it can do the same for you. Fix your eyes on a goal and work towards it with all you’ve got, and soon, you’ll be gleaming whilst reaping the benefits of your sacrifices.

Written by Elizabeth T Peters.

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