Wagwan people!

I know I have been MIA since my last post and I apologise. It’s no news that I reside in the Caribbean, Dominica to be exact, the acclaimed Nature Island. That being said, the season of festivity and goodwill was upon us on the island with a host of mind-blowing events scheduled. Beauty pageantries, the most common being the crowning of Mr&Miss Dominica, a Calypso music contest (predominantly an island music genre contest) and of course Carnival!

Carnival this year was slated for the 8th and 9th of February and if you are familiar with Carnival on this island, you know it is “two days of letting loose” It entailed the usual 5am J’Ouvert (party/jump up) around the carnival routes. Just after the J’Ouvert were the parades which were as colourful as pheasants; the most colourful bird😊.

Just when you think you are done for the day, different bands show up and an evening/ night jump up / party around town continues. The turn up was massive. It really is no wonder people fly in from different continents to witness. It was an awesome experience not to miss and one of my best experiences ever! I could feel the love and unity throughout the festivity as people had fun with no restraints. It was splendid!

I took a couple of pictures during the J’Ouvert and parades and I thought it will be nice to share with you guys! please watch out!! Thank you so much for reading.




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