Hello everyone!

     Welcome to my blog *yayyyyy*.  My name is Edediong Ekarika, but most people call me Eddy.  To be honest, I’ve been sitting here for roughly an hour trying to get my sentences together.  Ok let’s do this!!  I should start with what my blog is all about right?  I would say a bit of everything I can possibly share; lifestyle, fashion, art, food, tourism etc.

    I’m a medical student, an aspiring fashion designer, an aspiring fashion photographer and a lover of creative art. I really love taking pictures (not just selfies lol) and fun part is editing them *blushing*. Still nervous and excited about this new journey and I’ll try my best to be consistent.

Anyways, this was just a simple introduction. We’ll speak again soon.

Much love,



14 thoughts on “BIENVENUE

  1. Ihieonye says:

    Go girl, writing is therapeutic to both the writer and reader😁 Like u said,try to be consistent, stick to your original ideas and don’t let ‘they’ stop you from doing you😁
    Congrats 👏👏👏


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